Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Modern Shooter Time.

A few months ago in a time before TOR, I decided over a four day period to play through the single-player campaign of the shooters that I had on my Steam list. I started with Modern Warfare 2, then Black Ops, Homefront and finished with the new Medal of Honor.

Needless to say it was a long weekend as the only game I truly enjoyed was Medal of Honor. Which honestly was a surprise to me. I was already having fun with the multiplayer as it was giving a taste of what Battlefield 3 might be, but I did not think I would enjoy the story as much as I did.

I know I mentioned finishing Rage, but that hasn't happened because of my renewed interest in TOR. I never hated the game, but I wasn't finding it all that interesting at times. You could say I was a bit bored. Something I have been thinking about doing since Modern Warfare 3 came out was playing through the Modern Warfare's.

I have the next three days off, so this could just be the right time to do just that. Although I always have Wed-Fri off, so really any week I could do this. But as of right now I am only playing TOR since finishing WitN last week so I do have the time to tackle this task.

Honestly I give myself ideas like this because I have a tendency to waste time, and I really hate feeling like I didn't accomplish something during my time off from work. And besides, I have only played MW3's multiplayer, and by all accounts the single-player is decent.

Of course this all depends on if I can pry myself away from TOR's grasp...


Bronte said...

Wait what? You like the new MoH the best? I thought it was bloody awful. they tried to be so different, but ended up doing a much worse patch-up job of copying the others.

Hell even battlefield Bad Company 2 was better than that!

Jayedub said...

I know, weird isn't it. The story was ok, but for some reason I just really enjoyed the gameplay. After playing Black Ops and then Homefront, MoH didn't have to do much to be better than those two.

mbp said...

The Modern Warfare games actually have a pretty strong story line that unusually links across episodes so playing all three in a row is probably the best way to experience it. The first was definitely my favourite though. COD4 has several sublime missions.

I wasn't such a fan of the latest medal of honour but I thought the one before (Airborne) was pretty good. It suffers from a lack of checkpoints though so beware.

Jayedub said...

I did play Airborne a long while ago, and at the time I did not like it. I still own it so maybe at some point I'll give another try.