Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Spoon Full of Cynicism...

So TOR is proving to be much harder to break away from than I thought it would. What that means is I did not install and play the Modern Warfare's like I had wanted. But not is all lost, I did install and play the first mission in Modern Warfare, so that's a start.

Before I get into that I wanted to bring up something that I thought was kind of interesting, at least to me. I have a slight backlog of podcast's that I have been making my way through, and this past week I was listening to the Gameinformer Show. In one episode there was a segment in which the hosts talk about Modern Warfare 3. One host in particular made a comment along the lines of how the Call of Duty franchise in recent years has been getting a bad rap from gamer's.

This statement really struck a cord with me because over the years I have become quite cynical towards the franchise myself. I loved the first MW. I remember being super excited about the game having a modern setting and being blown away after playing the demo. MW2 however rubbed me the wrong way, and not from a gameplay stand point, but because of it's peer-to-peer multiplayer - something I hated with a passion at the time.

I played the heck out of MW2's multiplayer, so there must have been something there that I enjoyed, but until recently I never touched the game's single-player. By the time I decided to play MW2's campaign I had a heap full of cynicism and I know it affected my enjoyment of both MW2 and Black Ops.

There came a point just before the release of MW3 when I questioned why I was so negative towards the CoD franchise, why am I still holding this grudge. So I decided to put all that aside and purchased MW3 - and at least with the multiplayer I have not been disappointed. It's for this reason that I thought I would play through the MW's in succession because maybe I have been missing what seems to be some great games. Well I already know that MW is great cause I've played it, but the next two in the series according to reviewers are just as awesome.

Well enough of this, it's time to smash Republic players in TOR!


Yeebo said...

I'm finding ToR oddly sticky too. Haven't tried the PvP yet, but that likely will be my end game.

mbp said...

Interesting experiment. Review scores of the Modern Warfare games are so heavily influenced by the multi-player aspect that I don't remember having seen an objective comparison of the single player experiences.

My own memory is that MW1 was a much more substantial single player experience that either of its successors. I can still remember individual levels in COD4:MW that stand up with he greatest levels I have ever played in any game. My recollection of MW2 and MW3 is much hazier and I only played 3 less than a month ago.

Nevertheless I do remember the storyline continuing nicely between episodes so it is worth playing the three in a row for that if for no other reason.

Jayedub said...

@Yeebo - My suggestion - try some warzones before level 50, cause it gets brutal after that.

@mbp - You know, I had that same thought about COD4 - it is full of awesome moments from the start.