Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome To The Master Race!

Wanna know what makes me rage? PC gaming elitists! They've been around for quite some time and anyone who's been a PC gamer has probably even been guilty of being one at some point. Let me give an example: a few years ago there was this small game called Modern Warfare 2 that was about to be released, and I complained and complained about how I felt the game was a dirty console port because of its new peer-to-peer matchmaking for multiplayer. So yes, even I have exhibited some elitism in the past.

I listen to a few gaming podcasts, and there have been more than a few hosts that have levied a derogatory comment towards the PC gaming crowd on occasion. I tend to ignore statements like this and chalk it up to just plain ignorance by a console gamer. But it seems this year those elitist accusations have been more than confirmed by none other than idiotic PC gamers!

What makes a PC gamer an elitist? Well it seems the requirements to become an elitist are to complain that a PC game is a console port with the expectation that a game for the PC is suppose to have certain options and give the PC gamer a completely different experience gameplay wise on the PC.

Dragon Age 2 was apparently changed to accommodate the console gaming kids who like easy games. Crisis 2 with its check point saves, lack of graphic options and not being in DX11 obviously means that it was ported over from the Xbox. Even Portal 2 had someone claim console port because of some text that appeared on screen when saving the game or something. Even the current darling of the PC, the Witcher 2, has had the console port tag put on because the game supports a controller, so it's obvious the game was ported to the PC.

I know I named just a few games, but the outcry of consolization on the PC has grown to almost epic proportions. Frankly I am just sick and tired of PC gamers bemoaning the fact that such and such game is a console port for this or that reason. Problem is, it's not going to end anytime soon.


Grimnir said...

Wii 2 = HD Casual Platform
Dreamcast 2 = HD Casual Platform
PS4 = "significantly less initial investment in hardware" = HD Casual Platform

PC = The Glorious Future of Hardcore Gaming.

Maybe XBox3 will compete on their level, which will mean decent graphics and ports for the first couple of years, but there always comes a point where consoles start to suck and PC gaming is still on that cutting edge. That's why PC gamers are the glorious master race of gaming. You dirty console loving peasant type. =p

Jayedub said...

Lol, you make a very compelling argument!

Yeebo said...

The only reason I'm a PC gamer is that there is jack for MMOs on consoles, and that's the main game genre of game I play. If I get to pick, I'd always rather play something on a console. Couch + Giant TV > Office Chair and desk (yes, even if the screen has 2x the resolution of my TV).

PC snobbery largely strikes me as an attempt at self delusion to justify the expense of cutting edge hardware. No-one is being snobby about playing games on a $500 PC, unless maybe they built it from scratch starting with soldering together a custom motherboard...

Marty Runyon said...

Yeebo, that is awesome. :)

Jayedub, PCs are just another faction of self-justifying fanboys in the great platform wars. And like any fanboys, they are an embarrassment. I love PC gaming, but I love all kinds of gaming.

Jayedub said...

I prefer buying multiplatform games on the PC for the simple fact that it will look better, and it's a plus if I can use my controller!!

Jay said...

and on some multi-plat titles, added physics ability practically wins the PC over on the visuals side. Honestly, even if the consoles technically have streamlined architectures that of the PC, they still lag in terms of the ability to push the limits on the visuals.

consoles peasants won't understand until their favorite Sony and Microsoft system finally gets capable hardware to handle physics and maybe ubersampling. By then, PC vid cards are toying with new rendering tech with handling physics as a norm. Consoles still can't out push the limits that is the machine that endures, the PC.