Sunday, May 29, 2011

Getting Past The Funk.

After spending the month of April and the beginning of May playing Dragon Age 2 I wasn't sure what I was going to play next. To be honest there was a time during my third play-through where boredom started to set in. But I was able to push through that and completed the came for a total of eight times. Probably not healthy.

 So I took a week off from gaming to reinstall Windows and to give myself a breather before I decided what to move on to next. Thing was I had been in a bit of a funk even before finishing DA2 a ninth time. I knew my time was at an end and I was going to be playing something different, but I couldn't figure out what that was going to be.

The funk for me is this overwhelming feeling I get when I look at the number of games I own both digitally and physically and realize that I haven't played them yet. I have plenty of time to play games that's not the problem, having too many games is the problem. So I get this desire to play these various games but not deciding which one to start with so the end result is me sitting at my desk staring at my monitor. It's quite frustrating really.

So I decided to reinstall Windows and clean up the machine a bit, and that seemed to help a lot. After some tweaking and reinstalling I decided what I was going to play. Two weeks ago I started with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, Homefront, Singularity which was on sale finally, The Force Unleashed on the PS3, the new Medal of Honor, and finally Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

To be clear I played from start to finish each and everyone of those games, a feat that I am quite proud of really. In between all that there was the occasional NHL 11 because of the playoffs and a pinch of MMO's that are either f2p or just have free time available. None of the games I listed are all that lengthy which is why I chose them, but the feeling of accomplishment is nice.

Of the military shooters that I played, Medal of Honor was my favorite. The story is not overbearing, the gameplay is solid and I have always enjoyed the multiplayer. I was honestly surprised at how good I thought it was. Singularity if probably the best of the bunch, but it really fails to take advantage of the time manipulation aspect of the game. I don't consider Rainbow Six a military shooter, but that's just me. As for Force Unleashed, as soon as I finished that pile I traded the game away to Gamestop to hopefully rot away on the shelf. Man that game sucks.

As for what's on the plate next, that would be a bit of R6V2, The First Templar and most likely a whole lot of NHL 11!


mbp said...

I recently finished singularity myself. I enjoyed it a lot but I do agree with you that they completely wimped out on time distortion. Their implementation is really no more than a souped up gravity gun.

Time distortion is such a cool mechanic I would love to see a game exploit it more completely. Off hand all I can think of is Prince of Persia and the Sands of time but that only gave you a few seconds of rewind.

Marty Runyon said...

It seems crazy to feel that paralyzed by the number of choices available, but I feel the same way sometimes. I'm glad you saw a clear path through the tall weeds there. I hope you enjoy your games

Jayedub said...

Yeah I know it's crazy. It would be easier if I could just get back into MMO's, those fill up the time nicely.