Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recent NHL 09 stuff

I've been playing quite alot of NHL 09 lately. So much so that I have been neglecting Warhammer Online. OTP is alot of fun most nights, but only if you get on a decent team. I'm not looking to win every game, but it can suck being on a team with puck hogs who play little defense.

BAP is becoming frustrating, my goalie is now 5-25-0 with a GAA of just over 3.00. I get the feeling that EA did put in some sort of 'catch up logic' in the game. Last night I was playing the Peoria River Rats, the St. Louis Blues AHL team, and my team was dominating the puck in their zone most the night. Well, it gets about half way thru the 3rd period with the score tied 1-1, when suddenly the River Rats made two quick scores from almost impossible angles, and I lost 1-3.

This wasn't a one time thing either, it happens on a fairly consistent basis, which is beginning to drive me nuts! Oh well, I'm sure I'll get better over time!

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