Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, I've been playing alot of NHL 09 lately that's no secret. But recently I ran into a problem, the game freezes my Xbox. And, it only seems to happen while playing online.
So I did some investigation, which means I jumped on to the EA Sports forums, and found myself a nice multi paged thread detailing all the problems that customers who bought the game are having.
What seems to be the main problem so far is the Disc Read Error that people are getting. And wouldn't you know it, that happened to me last night! And, from what I have gathered, the problem doesn't go away even if you purchase a new copy of the game.
What I am thinking is that there is something possibly wrong with the discs themselves. But I have no way of knowing that, and as of now, no one from EA has commented on the matter either!!
Could the best hockey game evaar be mired in issues that make it less than what it is?

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