Saturday, December 21, 2013

So Many Games, So Little Time Before ESO!

I find myself in an interesting predicament (at least to me) with my gaming hobby. See, now that I know when Elder Scrolls Online is launching I have this weird need to try and schedule what games I'm going to play until that day arrives.

I've really wanted to replay some of the awesome games I've already finished, yet with World of Tanks and some of the games I have yet to play I kind of feel like I'm in this state of flux. A couple of years ago I purchased Rift and was starting to get into that when the release date for The Old Republic was announced. At that point I just quit playing any and all MMO's cause I knew I wasn't going to play them once TOR was released. I'm in that position again.

The difference now as oppose to then is that so many games are now using the F2P model. Still, I purged my computer of a few of the MMO's that I haven't played in ages and with ESO around the corner I doubt I'll get to them any time soon.

I did keep a few games like STO cause I have a hankerin' for some ship combat, TSW is probably has the best f2p business model and it's my favorite MMO right now, Champions Online I have a lifetime sub and Defiance is more like a coop game anyways.

The odd one out is TOR. I've played not nearly as much this year as I did last year and only a couple of times since September. I continue to sub and support the game because it has the worse f2p model right now and I love Star Wars. Really not sure what I'm going to do with this one.

The backlog is not immune to this either, I continue to make some headway but my time is spent mostly in WoT which leaves little time for other games.

April is still a long ways off and honestly I have no idea what will be going on then gaming or personal, and even though I'm interested now in ESO that could all change by then. This is probably Much Ado About Nothing I'm just a lunatic with too much time on his hands to think about these things. Yeah, that seems about right!

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