Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye to July.

So July has come and gone and unlike past months I've actually showed the blog some love. Much to the delight, or dissatisfaction to those who have yet to dump me from their reader. Since I hadn't posted much I figured I would do a wrap-up of what I've been playing for the month. Here's a quick spoiler, it's mostly been League of Legends.

Don't believe me? Well just take a gander at the Raptr widget which shows the top six games I've played time-wise for the month. It should be no surprise that I love LoL and am pretty much addicted to the game. It's hard to explain why, but I find myself wanting to play it rather than something else. It really has made the whole backlog meltdown thing a bit difficult.

I've actually played or tried to play ten games this month. Honestly I don't think trying to setup my gamepad to work with Binary Domain or trying to log in to play Age of Conan counts, but that did happen this month.

The game that doesn't appear on there is Rift. Thanks to a free play weekend I was able to log into Rift for the first time in ages and I have to be honest, I like the game. What I find interesting about my history with Rift is that I know for a fact I have two accounts. I purchased Rift once from Direct2Drive and once off Amazon, both times when on sale. The first time I played Rift I cancelled after my first month, and then my account or the Trion accounts were compromised, something like that. So I never bothered to try and fix things.

That would be why I purchased a second copy, cause I wanted to play and I remembered having account issues before, so I figured why not start off fresh. Unfortunately the release date for The Old Republic was announced and so rather than get involved with a game I knew I would stop playing when TOR releases, I just cancelled and never bothered to play again during the free month.

I think I played only around four hours this whole weekend, but I really enjoyed it a lot. I find myself wanting to play Rift more if only it wasn't for that darn LoL! But I am giving some serious thought to subbing to Rift for a month, we shall see.

There were a few surprises to me after looking at the total monthly hours played per game. The first was that I played nine hours of TOR. Why is that significant? Well because I cancelled my sub on the 18th just before I was to be billed. What this tells me is that I played for far more than I thought, and that means I was getting hooked in again!

The other surprise was that I've only played thirteen hours of TERA. I've been struggling with weather or not to give up on TERA for sometime even though I quite enjoy the game when I do log in to play. What this tells me is that I haven't been playing the game nearly as much as I thought and that I can in good conscience give up on TERA without worry.

A couple of things to note as well - I finished FEAR 3 two more times, again, and I've actually played some Champions Online and really enjoyed that as well. I haven't played CO since the f2p conversion, and boy has it changed since then. It's good, it's fun and I think I am going to be playing more of it again!

So there you have it, the month of July. Not too exciting really...

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